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April 27, 2017
2h 1m

Most organizations have outsourced at least part of their IT to an external organization. In this course, IT Outsourcing - Preparing for an Outsourcing Initiative, you'll be provided with a solid foundation on the outsourcing concepts and preparations involved with IT outsourcing. First, you'll focus on the reasons organizations have for outsourcing. Next, you'll discover common outsourcing strategies. Finally, you'll explore how to properly prepare to carry out an outsourcing project. After this course, you'll have a clear overview of the IT outsourcing concepts and preparations that will benefit you as an IT professional in today's competitive IT environment.

About the author
About the author

Tommy van Schaik spent most of his academic and professional career as a linking pin between business and IT. His focus areas are: project management, IT governance, business processes, IT architecture, requirement engineering, and business rules.

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Hi everybody and welcome to this course IT outsourcing - Preparing for an Outsourcing initiative. Where we are going to take a look at the things you need to do in order to prepare for an outsourcing project.

My name is Tommy van Schaik and I fill my days as an IT project manager working for the government and commercial organizations, advising and dealing with outsourcing initiatives.

Outsourcing is just a part of the way modern organizations do business. And IT, because of the nature of the product, is a very suitable candidate for outsourcing. I believe that in this day in age every IT professional should have at least a basic understanding of the outsourcing concepts in order to prepare themselves for the modern IT workplace.

This course is the first course in the IT outsourcing learning path were we cover all phases of an IT outsourcing project. Starting with this one where we:

  • Introduce the basic concepts and reasons behind outsourcing
  • The different outsourcing approaches you can use
  • And how to put together a good outsourcing strategy
By the end of this course you will have a firm grasp of the outsourcing fundamentals and you’ll have a good framework to get your outsourcing project off to a good start.

So let’s get started on this course: it outsourcing – Preparing for an Outsourcing initiative, here at Pluralsight.