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January 23, 2017
1h 3m

Whether you're a new designer, the office manager, or helping out your local church or school, you will at some point want to create a single-page flyer for print or online use. This course, InDesign CC Designing a Flyer, is a short, sweet, and end-to-end project course that will have you beginning with a blank page and little to no prior knowledge of InDesign, and end with you having a ready-to-print and ready-to-post flyer in hand. First, you'll learn how to choose the correct "New Document" when beginning, as well as learning about the bleed and live areas, and how to draw shapes. Next, you'll explore filling, stroking, aligning, and distributing objects. You'll wrap up the course by learning about placing images, creating text frames, using backgroung colors, and posting your flyer online. By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence to design again anytime without help, designing your next one, two, or a hundred fliers with ease. Software required: Adobe InDesign.

About the author
About the author

As a freelance graphic designer with over 20 years' experience, Pariah sits on the Adobe Advisory Group, is an Adobe Freelancer, and is an Adobe Community Professional and a former trainer and technical lead for Adobe's technical support teams for InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

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Hi. I’m Pariah Burke, one the world’s prolific InDesign educators and experts with a few dozen books and video courses, hundreds of articles, and hundreds of hours of classroom training, consulting, and public speaking about InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and other creative and publishing technologies.

On behalf of myself and everyone here at Pluralsight, I hope you’ll join me for InDesign CC Designing a Flyer.

Creating a single-page flyer is a common task, and InDesign is PERFECTLY suited for it.

In the next hour, you and I are going to build a single-page flyer together from scratch. When we’re done, you’ll have not just a flyer fully designed, printed, and published online. You’ll also have the skills and confidence to do it again and again, designing all your future flyers for work, home, church, school, and wherever!

We’ll start the next 15 short, and dare I say, FUN video lesson clips, by quickly and easily setting up a new document. Then, we’ll make sure nothing important gets cut off.

With the mechanics quickly out of the way, we’ll start to create by drawing basic and not-so basic shapes. Next we’ll color those shapes—inside and out. Using alignment and distribution buttons, we’ll easily create cleanly organized, precisely positioned objects before we...Put photographs INSIDE those objects, with point-and-click ease. Using the integrated Adobe Stock photography service, we’ll search for and add even more photos, and then learn how to precisely position images inside frames. With shapes, color, images, and vector graphics well in hand, it’s time to start adding text to the flyer. Then we’ll style the type. We’ll learn a fast, easy, and flexible method of putting color behind any text. Saving time and frustration, we’ll learn to style one object and then instantly, magically copy style and formatting to any number of other objects in two clicks. The moment we will have worked up to, the end goal of the design process, we’ll print your single-page flyer. Then send it to a print or copy shop. Then post it online to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, the company website, and, using InDesign’s built-in self-publishing feature, to EVERYWHERE!

Finally, I’ll give you some parting tips on where to get help with this course and InDesign in general, and what other courses you might like to take AFTER this one. You and I are going to have some fun over the next hour! I’m excited! Are you excited? Let’s get to it!