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September 1, 2012
3h 27m

In this tutorial, we will explore how to create interaction between our live action footage and CG environment. This course goes through the entire process, in real time, of creating a shot in which the live action footage interacts with our CG scene. We start out by matchmoving our footage in PFTrack and take a look at how we can easily solve multiple matchmoves. Then, we combine them in Maya to be part of a visual effects sequence. We then take the solved camera into Maya where proxy geometry is created for the live action hand and prop turntable. Many other things are covered such as animating, lighting using final gather and HDRI, UV mapping, displacement mapping, and rendering out many render passes. We then jump over into After Effects where we will be compositing 17 different render passes to create the final result in a linear workflow. Software required: PFTrack 5, Maya 2013, After Effects CS5.

About the author
About the author

James Whiffin is a compositor based in Brisbane Australia, working on independent films, TVCs, and corporate videos.

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