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February 4, 2014
3h 8m

When tasked with creating textures for a creature, one of the first things you should do is examine the various surfaces that the creature has. Are they flabby skin? Maybe they are rough and plate-like. With this tutorial, we will begin by examining our mantis asset and breaking him down into texture phases by painting a mask. From here we will focus just on the soft fleshy areas, and really make them look like skin. Next we will move on to his hard surface armor pieces and create the color textures for those. By following along and creating the textures for these two areas you will learn how to use the Paint Through Tool, adjustment layers as well as various masking techniques. From here we will move on and begin to create a specular map for our creature. Then, before learning how to export our maps out of MARI, we will take a moment and learn how to update our normal map quickly and easily with some of our painted detail. After finishing this training, not only will you have created textures for this creepy, crawly mantis asset but you will also have added some great tricks to your MARI texturing toolbox. Software required: MARI 2.5v1.

About the author
About the author

Eddie is the dedicated Pluralsight texturing and rendering tutor. His roots are firmly planted in a deep background in illustration and design, and Eddie lives to express himself through his art. Eddie has been with Pluralsight (and previously Digital-Tutors) for four-plus years, teaching creative artists to expand their knowledge on everything from design and illustration, to hand painting beautiful textures for their models.

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