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February 1, 2012
2h 48m

In this MARI tutorial, we will learn about texturing a creature model using a combination of hand painting and image projection. We'll start the tutorial by learning how to bring in some displacement information from another application into our new MARI project. From here we will focus on painting small surface details for our creature and applying them as bump. Next, we will learn how to use the Paint Through tool to project photographic texture on various areas. We'll be moving back and fourth between image projecting and painting in an effort to make the two flow seamlessly together. After that, we will learn several different techniques for color correcting both our painted and photographic textures. To wrap things up, we will learn how to bake all of our textures down and export them for use in our primary 3D application. After completing this tutorial, you should be able to blend hand-painted textures with photographic ones in your own MARI projects. Software required: MARI 1.4v2.

About the author
About the author

Eddie is the dedicated Pluralsight texturing and rendering tutor. His roots are firmly planted in a deep background in illustration and design, and Eddie lives to express himself through his art. Eddie has been with Pluralsight (and previously Digital-Tutors) for four-plus years, teaching creative artists to expand their knowledge on everything from design and illustration, to hand painting beautiful textures for their models.

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