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September 28, 2016
50m 58s

This course is the final in a Learning Path of five courses that cover Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6 LTSR as well as objectives for the CCP-V certification. Courses in this Learning Path follow directly after those in the Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.6 LTSR CCA-V Learning Path. This course discusses the testing of components that comprise a high-availability XenDesktop/XenApp environment.

About the author

Hey, this is Greg Shields, and you've found the fifth and final course in my learning path on Citrix XenDesktop version 7.6 and Citrix's second-level CCP-V certification. I am Author Evangelist and a full-time author here at Pluralsight, and I've been building, managing, and helping others with Citrix environments since the days this product was known as WinFrame.

The courses in this learning path are in fact a Part Two of our conversation. Our first half focused on the CCA-V certification and managing a XenDesktop environment that's already in production. Here we begin anew, and go through all the steps in constructing a brand new, production-ready, highly-available XenDesktop environment from the ground up. This one's gonna' be good.

In this final course out of five, we have two tasks remaining. For the first, we'll troubleshoot the HA configuration we've been building thus far.

And then for the second, we'll assess the end user experience that we've spent all this time building.

If you've just been tasked with building a new Citrix XenDesktop environment, this course is your first stop in brushing up on those skills for success. And then from here, you'll be ready to continue on the learning path as you apply the skills you've learned here in building your own production-ready XenDesktop infrastructure.

Let's get started.