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August 4, 2009
2h 12m

In this course we will learn how to build a control rig to control a character's skeleton. We will start this course by learning how to set up inverse kinematics on our character's legs and how to build a reverse foot set up. Then we will learn how to set up the arms and hands and move on towards rigging the spine bones using a curve as a guide. After that, we will dig a little deeper and learn how to tweak our IK solvers to get better rig behavior. Then we will go over how to assemble and eventually package our control rig. And finally, we will spend some time working on a solid eye rig for our character. Software required: Houdini 10 and Up.

About the author
About the author

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Sunder has made great headway in both the interactive game design and 3D animation worlds.

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