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April 15, 2013
1h 51m

In this tutorial, we'll learn how you can start, or add new techniques to create detailed human-figure drawings. We'll begin this process by introducing a photo of the model we'll be drawing from and learn how we can establish the overall pose with basic lines of action. Following this we'll explore capturing the model's form through different gesture drawing exercises. From here we'll break down one of our gesture drawings into a series of simple shapes to create an armature to draw our contour lines around and refine the form's shape and proportion. Following this we'll begin to map the prominent shadows and add volume to the form by building up our values. Finally, we'll spend some time blending values and refining the overall form of our figure drawing. Software required: Photoshop CS6.

About the author
About the author

Kurt is a design tutor at Pluralsight. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Kurt has been in love with drawing. Apart from his dedication to training artists at Pluralsight, Kurt has an extensive background in illustration. He has previously worked for a book publisher, as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios. It was through his extensive industry background that Kurt learned the way of the Wacom, and that the Pen tool is truly mightier than the sword.

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