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November 1, 2011
2h 40m

In this InDesign tutorial, we will learn about the process of assembling multiple files into an InDesign book and then managing and implementing features across this book. We'll begin this process by learning how to quickly create files for our book using a document template. From there, we'll break down what an InDesign book file is, looking at both book page numbering as well as synchronization. Next, we'll shift our attention to several features that can be implemented across our book file that will really add to our long document. We'll learn how to create a table of contents, footnotes and endnotes, as well as an index for our book. To wrap things up, we will explore some of the batch processing options available to us when we are ready to output our book file. After completing this InDesign tutorial, you will have expanded your knowledge of InDesign so that you can work on larger, more complex projects and do it more efficiently. Software required: InDesign CS5.

About the author
About the author

Eddie is the dedicated Pluralsight texturing and rendering tutor. His roots are firmly planted in a deep background in illustration and design, and Eddie lives to express himself through his art. Eddie has been with Pluralsight (and previously Digital-Tutors) for four-plus years, teaching creative artists to expand their knowledge on everything from design and illustration, to hand painting beautiful textures for their models.

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