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September 23, 2013
2h 19m

In this course we will install and configure an Apache web server from scratch on a linux system. We will learn about Apache's configuration file and how to configure multiple virtual sites on a single machine. We'll configure user logins and access controls to restrict access to parts of the site, and set up apache to serve a secure http connection using the secure sockets layer and a self-signed certificate. Finally, we'll see how to configure the logging and status reporting features of Apache. The course is intended for web administrators with no previous experience of Apache. Basic linux command-line competence is assumed. Students may follow along with all demos by installing a standard CentOS 6 distribution.

About the author
About the author

Dr. Chris Brown has been using UNIX as a software developer and system administrator since its pioneering days over 30 years ago, and has used Linux professionally and at home for about 10 years.

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